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Vehicle Consultation Information

Customers often come to us at their wit's end. Usually, their automotive problem hasn't been resolved and they see their situation as impossible. Or, they may have received contradictory advice from a shop and/or shops. The automotive industry has no shortage of so-called "experts," leading to vehicle repairs that may, or may not, be necessary or successful.
Savas Tuning & Automotive is often sought out to diagnose and repair a vehicle with a long, difficult history of unsuccessful repairs. Frustrated customers come to us looking for a technical fix as well as hoping to find out who is to blame in the long chain of previous repairs. We have substantial experience in dealing with customers and sorting out a solution when given the opportunity.

The most productive way to identify problems is to have the vehicle at our facility. It is much more difficult to identify a problem when we receive only the component in question for testing, such as the carburetor, fuel injectors, distributor, etc. When we have only the component and a story via telephone, it is often impossible to successfully assess a technical problem. It is much less cost effective to talk over the phone for 15 minutes than it is to simply test the component or vehicle with specialized equipment.
Phone consultations without the opportunity for a hands-on evaluation will be avoided. We do not partake in phone diagnostics. Consultations by phone are successful only when we have the vehicle or component in our possession.

For inquiries regarding projects yet to be built, we have a custom questionnaire that we ask our customers to respond to. This questionnaire is designed to answer important questions about the vehicle that will become the basis of our recommendations.
Please contact us about our consultation fees and click here for a free copy of the custom questionnaire

All consultations are by appointment only.

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