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Carburetor Specialist

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Carburetor and Fuel Injection Service

Our carburetor services are high-quality, unique, and nearly unlimited. When you compare our services overall, you will discover that we provide a total service that demonstrates why our success rate remains so high. Our ASE certified master technician (with L1 Advanced Engine Performance certification) has 31 years of experience in carburetor rebuilding, diagnostics, emissions, and custom high-performance work. In his work, he uses:

  • Quality parts that are time-proven and well tested
  • Our own cleaning facility and procedures which ensure precise operation and reliability of your carburetor
  • Our own machine shop, which along with his experience, allows us to manufacture parts that are no longer available in stores as well as machine worn parts for a better fit and seal
  • Our own flow testing equipment that was engineered in the U.S. for the specific purpose of measuring the air/fuel flow ratio of carburetors
  • Our own engine dynamometer for custom fuel system design and development jobs
  • Our own ultra sonic cleaning machine for fuel injectors
  • Motorvac system for on-car fuel injection cleaning

photo of dynamometer

Our emphasis on, and dedication to, building high-quality, precision products is evident by our investment in equipment. We test every carburetor, fuel injector, and fuel system that we build or rebuild to ensure that you have a high-quality product. Additionally, our automotive service department will install our products on your vehicle. We provide tuning, diagnostics, emissions testing, driveability repairs, on-board engine computer system analysis, and programming of programmable engine control and fuel injection systems.

So, if you're tired of those defective remanufactured carburetors or if your original carburetor no longer functions properly, visit us and let our experience and specialized machine shop work for you!

In our precision carburetor rebuilds, we offer:

  • Throttle Shaft Assembly rebushing
  • Precision flow bench testing
  • Q-Jet Fuel Inlet thread repair (thread insert with seat machined)
  • 6 month warranty
  • Core and parts sourcing available on special order custom rebuilds

photo of flow bench

We rebuild and test these carburetors:

Original Equipment (Holley, Carter, Motorcraft, Rochester, etc.)  •  Pressure Feedbacks  •  Electronic Feedbacks  •  Variable Venturi  •  Triple Solenoid Mikuni-Solex  •  Weber  •  Stromberg  •  Zenith  •  Nikki  •  Aiisan  •  Hitachi  •  Keihin  •  governer-style carburetors  •  marine carburetors  •  thermoquads  •  We also rebuild and test TBI (throttle body injection) units.

* We offer a wide selection of carburetors and other parts in our store.
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photo of a Rochester Carburetor photo of a Motorcraft carburetor photo of a Motorcraft Carburetor photo of a Rochester Quadrajet

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