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Engine Tuning Specialist

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Engine Tuning Services

Here at Savas Tuning, we pride ourselves on automotive excellence. We employ only ASE certified master automotive technicians with L1 Advanced Engine Performance status. Our areas of specialty are:

  • Diagnostics! photo of our auto shop
  • Diagnosis and repair of driveability problems
  • Diagnosis of DEQ failures (emissions testing)
  • Diagnosis and repair of electronic problems
  • Diagnostics!
  • Computer system analysis and repair
  • Fuel system repairs
  • Ignition system repairs
  • Diagnostics!
  • Engine Tuning
  • Carburetor rebuilding: on and off car
  • Fuel injection cleaning: on and off car
  • Diagnostics!
  • Diagnosis and repair of tuning problems
  • Installation of our rebuilt products on your vehicle
  • Programming of programmable engine control and fuel injection systems
  • Diagnostics!

At Savas Tuning, we provide service to older cars as well as new cars. We schedule only by appointment. Our customer's average repair bill is lower overall when compared to repair bills from other shops. The reason for this is our diagnostic approach and technical skills, which allow us to get to the problem efficiently. Many technicians simply guess and install unneeded parts based on their guess, leading to higher repair bills. We avoid this approach at Savas Tuning, relying instead on diagnostics and skill.

Whether it is an everyday vehicle, specialty vehicle, SUV, muscle car, off-road vehicle, or collector car, we can provide full fuel system service. The buck stops here!

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