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Specializing in Carburetion, Fuel Injection and Engine Tuning

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About Us

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History of Savas Tuning Systems

Savas Tuning Systems was conceived in 1983, along with a partner business, Auto Dynamics by Savas. Paul Savas founded the two companies in Eugene, Oregon during the latter part of the recession. Savas Tuning Systems was to be a parts rebuilding company and Auto Dynamics by Savas was formed to be a performance tuning shop.
Auto Dynamics by Savas grew quickly, but was jeapordized when Paul suffered a back injury that prevented him from leaning over fenders for many years. Hence, full focus was placed on Savas Tuning Systems, the parts rebuilding company. Unfortunately, that business was dependent on volume. With the weak economy and poor local access to materials, the business was forced to move to Oregon's largest community, the Portland area.
The Savas' settled in the Oak Grove area, a suburb just south of Portland. The business, which predominately rebuilt distributors, was transformed by demand, to a carburetor rebuilding shop. Shortly after, Paul opened a second shop, Savas Tuning & Automotive, which offered general automotive services.

Paul Savas began working on cars when he was thirteen years old in California. A local highschool teacher took him under his wing after Paul attended his summer school class in auto mechanics. Two years later, while attending that highschool, Paul began taking automotive classes at the local community college. The only thing Paul didn't then understand about automotive systems was automatic transmissions. This was a mystery that drove Paul bananas until he mastered the concept. Soon after, he was overhauling transmissions and building custom transmissions for racing.
In the following years, Paul attended Cypress College taking in the entire Automotive Technology curriculum as well as all the basic courses needed to pursue a bachelors degree in engineering. However, despite working multiple jobs, he fell short of funds and decided to take a break from school. During this period, he worked as a machinist for an aerospace subcontractor. The job lasted five years and gave Paul the ability to design and machine anything he dreamed up.

Paul flow testing a carburetor

Armed with an AA degree in Automotive Technology, machinist skills, and years of drag racing experience, he set out doing performance tuning, emissions repairs, and diagnostics as well as building engines and transmissions, and more.
He moved to Eugene, Oregon to be close to his soon-to-be-wife, Suzanne, and the rest is history. The business gained a reputation for problem solving and diagnostics, and soon became known as the premier carburetor rebuilding service around. Paul has always taken an engineering approach in most everything. Our facility is full of specialized equipment that has allowed him to develop techniques that are based on sound engineering.
Paul Savas is an ASE certified master technician with L1 Advanced Engine Performance certification. From older cars to today's sophisticated computer-controlled vehicles, Paul is experienced and qualified to solve whatever challenges lie ahead.

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