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How To: Package and Ship Your Carburetor

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Shipping Instructions:
A carburetor has many parts that can be damaged if improperly packaged and shipped. The best advice we can give to those shipping a carburetor or fuel injectors to our shop is to treat your carburetor like it is an egg: Protect it carefully.

  1. Choose an appropriately sized box for the carburetor. Do not use an overly large box (it will require too much packaging material), but also do not use a box that is too small. A good rule of thumb is to have 2-3 inches of space all around the carburetor, that is 2-3 inches on each side, above, and below. (you will need enough cushioning to ensure that the carburetor will not rupture the side of the box if it shifts during shipping).
    An appropriately sized shipping box
  2. Always protect your carburetor's linkage so that it does not puncture the side of the box and become damaged during shipping. It is wise to surround the inside of the box with strips of cut cardboard so that there will be an additional layer of material should the carburetor shift during shipping. We also suggest that you fold some cardboard to act as a base for the carburetor so that it will not sit directly on the bottom of the box or allow the throttle arm, lever, or linkages to contact the bottom of the box.
    Cardboard base for carburetor to rest on»Protective cardboard inner sleeve»Protective cardboard inner sleeve»
  3. Tightly wadded newspaper works very well as a cushion as long as it is packed tightly around the carburetor. Also make sure to pile the newspaper up on top and press it down when sealing the box. DO NOT use the air inflated packing bags -- we find that those easily become punctured, rendering them useless . Never use styrofoam chips when packaging your carburetor or fuel injectors. Styrofoam reacts with gasoline, causing problems. If you must use styrofoam chips, place your carburetor or fuel injectors in a heavy plastic bag before covering it with styrofoam chips. If your carburetor has a plastic electric choke, you will want to use a cushion to give it extra support during shipping (a thin strip of bubble wrap, folded and surrounded by a thin strip of cardboard works well -- the addition of the cardboard makes it stronger, while still providing extra cushion.) Place the cushion next to the choke and continue packing with newspaper.
    Bubble wrap surrounded by cardboard»Carburetor placed inside box»A wad of paper ready for packaging»
    Wadded newspaper surrounding carburetor»Wadded newspaper surrounding carburetor»Wadded newspaper surrounding carburetor»
    Wadded newspaper surrounding carburetor»
  4. Print out the Carburetor Rebuild Form. Fill out the form and tape it to the inside of one of the box flaps, then fold down the flaps. Tape the top and bottom of the box very well and make sure to tape the side seams as well. Write "Fragile" on the box.
    Mark the box Fragile
  5. We recommend that you purchase shipping insurance.

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