Full Version of Our Carburetor Warranty

(Appears on the back of all of our carburetor invoices. "Reverse Side" refers to the front of the invoice where customer information appears.)

Warranty of product, Material and Workmanship
SAVAS TUNING SYSTEMS, INC., warrants to customer named on reverse side, that the product listed on reverse side shall be free of defects in workmanship and materials for a period of six (6) months from the date of purchase. Unless stated otherwise on reverse side.
This warranty is effective only if the purchaser gives the proper information regarding the vehicle, engine type and carburetor or injector identification number to assure sale of proper unit. This warranty is not transferable.
The installer must be qualified and equipped to properly install, adjust and perform all related tests to the product referred to above.
SAVAS TUNING SYSTEMS, INC. will not be held liable if evidence of the following conditions are found:

  1. Fuel system contamination (water, bad fuel, varnish, dirt, gum, etc.)
  2. Improper adjustment, tampering, improper installation or any modified vehicle from original factory form.
  3. Any carburetor found dismantled by other than SAVAS TUNING SYSTEMS, INC.
  4. Alcohol related damage, part deterioration, due to excessive methanol or ethanol fuel blends.
If the purchaser referred to above only brings in a product and represents that the product is the problem and not something else to do with the vehicle, then SAVAS TUNING SYSTEMS, INC. may rely upon this representation while performing its services. All claimed defective units must be returned to SAVAS TUNING SYSTEMS, INC. and detached from the engine.
SAVAS TUNING SYSTEMS, INC. will not be held responsible for any labor, lost time, installation charge or any other consequential cost or damages.
All returned items must be accompanied with (1) original sales receipt, (2) completed warranty form, (3) name of any installer or third party claiming product defective.
Each product returned will be inspected and tested. If the product is defective, authorized personnel of SAVAS TUNING SYSTEMS, INC. will repair or replace said product as soon as reasonably possible depending upon the availability of parts and core.
If the product is tested trouble-free and is found to be in acceptable condition regardless of claimant's speculation, a reasonable fee for labor and materials will be charged, which the customer will agree to pay. SAVAS TUNING SYSTEMS, INC. may keep possession of the product until payment is made.
SAVAS TUNING SYSTEMS, INC. specifically disavows any other representation, warranty or liability relating to the condition or use of the product.
If the product(s) is not called for within three (3) days after such notice is given, a storage charge of $3.00 per day will be made for each day thereafter.
All past due balances will be subject to a 2% monthly interest charge. If any such charges remain unpaid for thirty (30) days after such request for payment SAVAS TUNING SYSTEMS, INC. may also refer such charges to its attorneys for collection and the customer will pay a reasonable attorney's fee.

Note: "Reverse Side" refers to the front side of our carburetor invoices where all customer information appears. The above warranty information is found on the back of the invoice.

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